Top Games Every Gamer Is Looking Forward in 2015

The gaming industry in 2014 had its highlights and lowlights and they are already part of history. The best thing to look forward to is the top games of 2015 that every gamer is excited about. Based on the list of games, 2015 is going to be strong for the industry. Here are the top games for 2015:

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 is developed by Ready at Dawn. This made the headlines in 2013 when it was initially revealed during the E3. The setting of the game happens during the Victorian Era that is made into an alternate reality version. The player’s role is Galahad which is an elite member of the Knights and the elements of the game are popular myths, legends, sci-fi and real-life historical events and figures were combined so that the players will have an exciting experience.

Top Games Every Gamer Is Looking Forward in 2015


This is a game about the puzzle by Tequila Works. A boy is featured in the game and he must use his brain in solving environmental puzzles so that he can escape from an island. The world of RIME looks fantastic and unbelievably scenic. Also, the environments’ art styles are reminiscent of the Wind Waker.


Splatoon is a colourful game under the shooter genre, it shows the typical arena of shooter and swaps which are out for bullets and guns for ink and squids. The game shows an imaginative colourful world that has two teams to spray ink everywhere with the goal of covering the entire arena with their respective colour. Also, the players can be transformed into squids, jump into the ink, go through the map and daze the opponents by spraying inks.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

This game is developed by the creators of Amnesia and Dear Esther: A Machine for Pigs. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is going to show how the world will look like if it is ending. The story is totally different from Dear Esther but it is considered as the spiritual successor.

Top Games Every Gamer Is Looking Forward in 2015

No Man’s Sky

This game has been presented during the Play Station Experience and The Game Awards early in December 2014 and it continues to impress the gaming industry with its beautiful procedure of environments and the engaging dog fights happening in space. The characters of the game include space dinosaurs too and it is one of the most anticipated games for 2015.

As early as 2014, these games are already highly anticipated by the gamers all over the world. They will surely give a different genre and excitement in the industry.

2014’S Best PC Games

2014 is the year where many consoles were released but still, it cannot be denied that there are outstanding games for the PC. In fact, there are many. The PC gaming is not obsolete or dying until now. With the release of new consoles, the chances are PC games are pushing for the hardware, something that was not happening in the previous years. To make the statement true that PC gaming is still very alive today, here are the best PC games of the year:

  • Wasteland 2 – This is an RPG game, a sequel to the Wasteland 1 at the same time a spiritual successor of the Fallout games. Wasteland 2 is funded successfully through the Kick starter and part of the high-profile developers’ trend launched on the site. It features a turn-based and party-based combat and the places put strong emphasis on the narrative of the player.
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth – An RPG which is developed by the Obsidian Entertainment. The narrative of the game is following the New Kid who is new to the comfortable South Park town. The game allows the player to be part of the role playing of the game which looks like a live action, goes uncontrollable and then turn the setting into a fantasy war that involves human, wizards and elves. All of the characters are fighting for the Stick of Truth.
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – This game is a sequel of Hotline Miami, one of the most visceral experiences of the gaming industry. When playing this game expect more gore, more blood and a lot of killing and masked mayhem.
  • Tropico 5 – This is the fifth iteration of the banana republic simulator and it is going more into the building simulation of Sim City. This is the first that the game features cooperative and competitive online multiplayer where the players can cooperate or compete with each other as potential rival dictators.
2014’s Best PC Games

From this list, every gamer can attest they are among the most popular and top rated games of 2014.

Video Games Can Provide Health Benefits

Every time parents see their children playing video games, they are always worried because it might have a long-term negative health effects. This has been the general concern of parents for their children about video games since there are so many studies related to games without physical movement may pose adverse effects when they grow older. However, there are also many studies pointing out the health benefits when playing video games. They are:

  1. Therapeutic especially for those with chronic illnesses. In a study conducted by the University of Utah to examine the effects of gaming with children diagnosed with autism, Parkinson’s disease and depression, the results showed that there are signs of improvement in terms of empowerment, resilience and fighting spirit. The researchers believed that regular gaming for children especially those with chronic illnesses can provide advantages because the games can act as neuronal mechanisms. In effect, the positive emotions will be activated. Also, the reward system will help the kids improve demeanours when faced with daily challenges.
  2. Video games can improve the motor skills of pre-schoolers. When you let your 4-year-old child play with a game controller on your TV may seem an unproductive activity of her time but according the researchers of Melbourne, Australia in Deakin University will disagree. In the study, they examined 53 pre-schoolers to determine their development. It showed that those who regularly played interactive games perform better and have more control on their motor skills compared to those who are not.
  3. Video games can reduce depression and stress. During the annual review of Telemedicine and Cyber therapy, there is a study that showed gamers suffering from mental issues like depression and stress vent their aggression and frustration through playing video games. In addition, they showed a notable improvement too. The study explained that when this kind of people played video games, they can relax and begin to be in the state of mindlessness where they can avoid the stressors that can arouse depression and stress.
  4. Video games can provide pain relief. Studies showed that playing video games does not only relieve emotional pain but includes physical pain. The psychologists of the University of Washington studied if video games can help relieve physical pain by developing a game that helped hospital patients who suffered from intense pain. They used a mental trick that has been used for a long time, it is distraction. They found out that patients who played the virtual game Snow Ball required lesser pain medicine while recuperating.
Video Games Can Provide Health Benefits

Based from the health benefits explained above, Video games do not connote disadvantages for the players; instead, they can provide advantages.

Top Cities in the US for Gamers

Through the years, the people’s perspective towards gaming has tremendously evolved. Before, it was perceived as a hobby for nerds but today, it has become a respectable pastime. However, there are still some people who hate animated adventures but with the trend right now, the gaming industry is still very successful and there are many avenues that opened many opportunities for gamers and developers. This means that in some fashion and form, video games are still here to stay.

For people who live and breathe gaming, this topic has become a regular discussion of the strategies they use and how the games affect their lifestyle. So, this article will provide you with the top cities in the US which are best for gamers around the world. One place that comes to mind is San Francisco; it is the home base of Movoto and considered a well-suited city for gamers. However, choosing San Francisco can be biased for Movoto fans, to give you a clearer picture of the top cities for gamers, they are:

  • On the first spot is Atlanta. Many gamers will be surprised but Atlanta has many video slot machines.
  • Seattle, WA
  • Denver, OR
  • Portland, OR
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Long Beach, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Mesa, AZ
  • Kansas City, MO
  • San Jose, CA
Top Cities in the US for Gamers

You might ask: How did you come up with these cities? The first thing was to have a concrete idea why a city is considered great for every video game. This question is very challenging to answer since there are so many factors to consider especially in the gaming world. The meaning of gamer is everywhere, it includes casual gamers, console gamers, PC gamers, hardcore gamers and not to forget about the smart phone-tapping gamers. Statistics showed that about 211 million of the total population of the US play video games.

Top Cities in the US for Gamers

With these facts in mind, the team who came up with the list of top cities for gamers included everyone in the definition. Second, they decided the kinds of things that people need in order to define that the gaming experience is good. Then, these were the final five categories used as criteria:

  • The number of arcades per person.
  • The number of Internet service providers for each person.
  • Available game stores for each person.
  • Demographics of the city.
  • Membership in the Association of Entertainment Consumers.

Based on these criteria, the cities enumerated above came up with the highest scores but it is surprising that Atlanta had the lowest score in almost all of the criteria but they have the most number of slot video machines, the reason why they came on top.

Top Cities in North America Where Development of Video Game Is Booming

Are you looking for a job that is inclined to the gaming industry? The best question to ask is: Where can you look for these jobs? If you are in North America, they have many cities video game development is booming and has become one of the most promising industries. To guide you, here is a list of the cities as well as the number of game studios.

Top Cities in North America Where Development of Video Game Is Booming

The rankings are based on the number of studios as well the city’s development towards the video gaming industry. In the portion of the number of studios, it also takes into account their size too. Each city includes the surrounding suburbs for instance, Seattle includes Bellevue, Redmond and others. The list can also change frequently as the gaming industry is making a huge business. With this, make sure you are updated if you want to look for better job opportunities. Here is a list of the top 23 North American cities that promotes video game development:

  • San Francisco Bay area with 122 studios.
  • Los Angeles with 95 studios
  • Seattle with 70 studios.
  • Austin with 65 studios.
  • Vancouver with 45 studios.
  • Toronto with 37 studios.
  • Boston with 36 studios.
  • Chicago with 29 studios.
  • New York with 28 studios.
  • Montreal with 26 studios.
  • Dallas with 23 studios.
  • San Diego with 16 studios.
  • Raleigh with 14 studios.
  • Ottawa with 13 studios.
  • Washington, DC with 12 studios.
  • Orlando with 12 studios.
  • Salt Lake City with 11 studios.
  • Atlanta with 10 studios.
  • Baltimore with 10 studios.
  • Las Vegas with 6 studios.
  • New Orleans with 5 studios.
  • Eugene, OR with 4 studios.
  • Gainesville, FL with 3 studios.
Top Cities in North America Where Development of Video Game Is Booming

This list can provide you with a clear picture on where to visit or go when you want to look for a job that specializes in video development. To have better opportunities, you can try going to the bay area of San Francisco where they have over a hundred of studios which means that it is easier to land a job too.

Popular Gambling Cities in the United States

The US attracts many tourists all over the world not just for its beautiful spots but also with their blossoming gambling industry. Most people will definitely say that the ultimate gambling destination is Las Vegas but in reality, there are many other popular gambling cities all over. This is the main subject of the article; it will give you a comprehensive guide of the United States’ various gambling cities.

Popular Gambling Cities in the United States

Included in the list of the most popular gambling cities is Atlantic City. Most of the tourists do not know that there are other cities aside from Las Vegas but when you visit Atlantic City, it can provide you with pleasurable weather, different from the desert heat of Las Vegas that will surely make your stay comfortable and fun. All the gambling cities have a common denominator, every city boasts of its casino hotel where the guests can play at the same time stay. Atlantic City has many casino hotels like the Taj Mahal Casino and Hilton Casino Resort that promise luxury in the highest standards.

Another in the list is Philadelphia. If you want to have a new look that is different from the old Nevada setting as well as provides something fresh and new, Philadelphia is the right place. It is one of the biggest gambling cities that overtake the size of Las Vegas even if they are barely new. They started in 2006 with some slot machine parlors and from then on, the gambling industry progresses. If you are in Philadelphia, to experience how lively their gambling industry is, visit the Golden Moon Casino and Hotel. They are known for being generous with casino comps and this will surely make your gambling experience more enjoyable.

Popular Gambling Cities in the United States

The last on the list but definitely not the least is of course the most popular, Las Vegas. The heat can be too much at times but during night time, the temperature is perfectly suited for gambling. They have a wide array of casino hotels and literally bursting in numbers but for an unforgettable experience, you should visit the grand ones like the Venetian and Treasure Island. If you have a tight budget, they also have casinos like Circus or Golden Nugget.

In the US, gambling is very common and you can choose a city that can suit your preference of the right gambling environment, right price and temperature. You must also remember that the cities included in this article are just part and parcel of the gambling cities around the state but they are part of the most popular ones.

Important Health Warning When Playing Video Games

Playing video games entails advantages and disadvantages. Too much of anything is not good for everyone like too much playing of video games plus wrong posture are some of the factors that pose health risks. To help you, this article lists down helpful information to have a great gaming experience yet does not give any health risks.

Proper Position or Posture When Playing

When playing, proper position or posture is very important because it can affect overall performance, influence how comfortable the activity is and help to avoid MSDs. During the whole duration of playing, change your position or posture to avoid fatigue and discomfort. Here are some suggestions to give you a comfortable playing environment:

  • Support your back. Choose a seat or chair that can support your upper and lower back and promotes natural body posture.
  • You should also have a comfortable posture for your legs like clearing the area under your computer set to rest the legs and they can freely move.
  • Your arm and shoulder postures should be considered too. They must be relaxed at your sides.
  • To have the proper finger and wrist postures, keep them straight while holding the controllers and avoid bending the wrists to the sides or up and down.
  • To minimize neck twisting or bending, position yourself or your TV in the right area to avoid tilting your head for a long period of time.
  • To lessen eye strain, avoid the glare of the television by placing it away from the light or use curtains or blinds for your windows to control the light that comes in. Also, adjust your TV’s contrast and brightness levels.

Go Lightly

Continuous physical forces interact with the body. Generally, people think that only the high-impact forces like physical injuries or car crashes affect the body but in reality, low forces like playing video games can have an impact too because repeated experience for a long time can result in discomfort, injuries and fatigue.

Important Health Warning When Playing Video Games

Take Breaks

Taking breaks is an excellent way to help your body recover from the activities like playing video games. The frequency and length of breaks is important for the body like changing tasks to relax the muscles, use more effective methods to accomplish the task faster, relaxing the arms and hands and learn about features of software and hardware to make the work easier.

Important Health Warning When Playing Video Games

Be Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle will allow you to enjoy all the activities that you love and can endure more of the stresses of life.

Important Health Warning When Playing Video Games

These are the important things that you must consider when playing video games. It is better to be proactive than take measures when health risks occur.

How to Play Strategy Games

Playing strategy games is not just about merely having fun but the players’ are keeping in mind important factors to win the games. There are many strategy games on the Internet and numerous sites are offering this kind of games because more and more gamers clamour for strategy games. The games offer fun during leisure time and they can provide many benefits. However, for more serious gamers, playing strategy games involve important factors for a more chances of winning and excitement like the following:

How to Play Strategy Games
  • Keep your base/bases covered. Generally, strategy games feature a couple of bases as well as the number of units. It is very important for players to keep them covered because they can assemble relevant troops and make better control on the grounds when an opponent attacks. As a result, your opponent will have a very hard time to attack you. In addition, get necessary backup so that the base will still be covered and this is one of the best strategies to win the battle. Most of all think about the most useful and powerful weapons that includes siege weapons to have an easy battle and destroy the opponent’s structures.
  • Take advantage of the strategy called powered attack. When playing strategy games, you can use many strategies but the most effective is the powered attack. Just make sure that your techs and weapon tree are upgraded to enhance the strategy of nuking a certain area because they are very destructive. This means that it will be easier for you to beat an opponent and for better protection of the bases. However, this kind of strategy can be used effectively for both the offense and defense. With this, use weapons at the right time and be ready to defend because your opponent will strike at the least expected moment.
  • Focus to have more fun and win the game. Strategy games are just like any other sports out there, you have to be focused. These games are designed to provide players with an exciting experience but they must be focused to in order to win and maximize the experience of playing online. Focusing minimizes the chances of mistakes, in effect, the game will be more pleasurable, enhances winning and the player gets more motivated. You must also remember to follow all the rules of the game.
How to Play Strategy Games

According to studies, playing strategy games will not only provide a fun experience but enhances the players’ ability to be more strategic by planning their moves and attacks to win the game. Also, explore the sites that offer strategic games to choose the best ones.

How the New iPod Can and Cannot Kill Sony PSP and Nintendo DS

Apple’s release of the new iPod did not met the high expectations of consumers but still, every time they release a new one, the consumers are always anxious to have one. However, the company is not only delivering new products but they want to signal a clear message to the gaming industry that they are pushing for the portable gaming market. They have very high and very real aspirations with their App Store showcasing games for iPhone and iPod Touch. The goals of Apple towards mobile gaming are beyond the introduction of new games but they want to signal that the company is going to gun for the big boys such as Sony and Nintendo that have the PSP and DS platforms. These big boys have dominated for a long time in terms of portable video-game market. Here are some of the major reasons why these old giants will be scared of Apple’s products:

How the New iPod Can and Cannot Kill Sony PSP and Nintendo DS
  1. Purchasing an iPhone or iPod games is simple and quick. Since the games can be easily bought or downloaded on the App Store through an iPod or iPhone, life is easier for every game. The fact that a consumer can easily press install is way too different from buying games in a game store. If installing and buying is easy as pressing, the gamer can buy at least three to four games without any hassle. This means that users of Apple’s products can buy games anywhere, anytime and do not have to worry if there are stock shortages or even going out of the home to buy games.
  2. The games are becoming high profile and cheap too. Very seldom can you find a game that costs over $10 for Apple while you can hardly find games for PSP or Nintendo DS that costs less than $25. It is a fact that the games from these giants require big budget, this will definitely become an advantage for Apple products. For this reason, some of the high-profile developers have ported big games like Need For Speed and Spore for iPod and iPhone.
  3. The games can be updated and expanded. It is inevitable for every game whether big or small to have glitches or bugs and the players will not discover them until they have their own. With PSP and DS players, the players can just sigh and have to deal of the problem but with the games of Apple, they can be updated when bugs are found out. This made room for game developers in delivering expansion packs, additional characters and levels to enjoy successful games with an iPhone or iPod.

With today’s fast development of technology, the giants of the gaming industry are faced with big threats too from companies that want to promote easy portable gaming like Apple.

How To Choose A Gaming PC?

PC gaming is making a comeback and it is big again because of the release of great games coming from big and small gaming developers. When you prefer PC gaming, you have to possess a good if not excellent PC and this will entail a complex as well as mystifying process. Gamers define an excellent PC by only looking at the technological level; this is a mistake because there are many factors to consider when buying one. The best things to look into are your budget and needs.


The main question is: How much is your budget? Everyone wants to have the best PC but there is always a budgetary constraint, so it is always a good idea to choose a maximum cost outlay for a new PC. If you think that the cost is too expensive for you, you also have to remember that your PC will not be only used for gaming but also includes other important tasks. Your budget is the determining factor of the components that you can afford. You love to have a PC that runs two graphic cards but if your budget in only $900, then dual graphic cards is not going to be part of your PC. The important things are to iron out the budget and start to think how to divide it.

How To Choose A Gaming PC?

The Kinds of Games You Play

What are your most preferred games? If you love to play games about modern first-person shooters, put more emphasis on the graphics hardware than the performance of the CPU. If you are more inclined to turn-based war games, the more important factor to consider is a fast CPU so that it can process more quickly than choosing a high-end GPU. For games that deal about real-time strategy, you need a PC that has a balance of CPU and graphics.

How To Choose A Gaming PC?


Every gamer wants to spend big for a high-end and spanking-new graphics cards so that the games will look better with a pixel resolution of 1680-by-1050. However, there are a few things to consider. Once you aware of the kinds of games that you want to play, the next thing to be concerned about is the GPU since graphics is an important factor in gaming. Buy the best graphics card which is within your budget but never spend too much. For instance, there are many gamers who spend huge for high-end graphics cards yet most of their games are run in default settings. This defeats the purpose of buying an expensive GPU.

These are some of the important factors to consider when you are into PC gaming. It is not just about the cost but to properly decide the games you want to play too.